how to work for fiber slip ring?

In many domains, the optical fiber slip ring must adapt to each kind of different circumstances, for instance the optical fiber slip ring itself has the advantages which many other type of slip rings do not have, for it can be used in extremely bad natural environment, in the bottom of the sea, thousands of meters deep underwater, under low temperature and high pressure, can all work very normally. In high magnetic current interference, it can also work normally, completely free from electromagnetic influence. And its security is particularly good, do not like copper or other transmission medium, through technical means can decrypt the transmitted signal to the inside out, while the optical fiber slip ring, as a fully enclosed, high-precision parts, the possibility to decrypt the signal through the transmission phase, is almost zero, because the optical signal can not be irreversible transferred.

The transmitting range is especially long, several hundred kilometers do not need to add too many relaying, ordinary copper wire and other transmission mediums, because of resistance reason, signal transmitting a hundred meters later, it decays more severe, and needs to make up for signal attenuation relay to the normal transmission of signals. Optical fiber slip ring, when rotating, it does not friction and has no contact, thus resulting in a long life, some up to over 300 million turns. In addition to some of the domestic independent institutes for the production and processing of such slip rings other than a few slip-ring manufacturer did not completely independent of the production of such slip ring. These characteristics creating the optical fiber slip ring applications where limited to high-end machinery automation. With the maturity and development of future technologies, production process improvement and cost reduction, the popularity of such products will become a possibility. For multi-mode optical fiber slip rings, the production and use all very test an enterprises R & D and production capacities, to achieve low loss fiber slip rings, especially when it is in high speed, is very, very difficult. Now only some imported brands on the market have such strength.

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