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Parameter specifications of slip ring

It`s necessary to know the basic features, parameters, functions when choosing slip ring product. There have various types and specifications for one product, so it is feasible way to choose according to the equipment size and working environment.

Slip ring, specially, is pretty important when select models or specifications, otherwise it will not be mounting or even lead to safety accident in production, before mounting, select a proper slip ring is primary task. So what should we notice during selection?

The parameter of standard current is no use for slip ring of signal transmission, but it vital important for those slip rings which transmit signals. It`s complicated to design large signals, so that the cost depends on signal circuits in some extent, if the signal is small, it may be punctured in long operation. So we should according to real situation to select most suitable electrical slip ring.

Insulation resistance and compression strength have same meanings, they are just described in different side, usually, the price is strong related with compression strength. Specially for those products with high current, the design of insulation resistance and compression strength must be proper, but it`s unnecessary for slip ring products which just transmit signals, the unit of insulation resistance is Megohm, the standard is 1000 Megohm, but the unit of compression strength is Volt, usually up to 1000 Volt.

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