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Description of Slip Ring Application in the Intelligent Toys

Speaking of toys, particularly intelligent toys, will associate the Chinese manufacturing industry. Indeed, in the Pearl River Delta, there are many factories that manufacturing producing toys, and the intelligent toys must use electrical slip ring, most of these enterprises do the export and trade businesses. Many brands of toys of Europe and the United States are made in China by processing production.And in toys, high-end toy is intelligent toys, as the diversity and diversification of toys; its competition is also getting more and more intense. In such a fierce market conditions, to get a place, to win the survival, must have their own characteristics. Therefore, in toy developing process in recent years,he intelligent toy increasingly becomes a market which is worth competition by the strong manufacturers.

In these intelligent toys, for example, electrical slip ring is one of human joints, joint function is not only connects the two part of machine sections which may revolve, moreover also needs to transmit the electric current as well as the micro electric current, the signal and so on. This is the same as humans nervous system, needs to transmit radio signals. Inside the intelligent toy, electrical slip rings role is indispensable, and a lot of toys volumes are not big, need to use the miniature electrical slip ring. The smaller the electrical slip ring, the higher the difficulty of processing, so the cost will be higher. In addition to intelligent toys, electrical slip rings also have a wide range of applications in other areas, for example: the robot precision dynamic testing instruments, resistance cutting machine, intelligent dynamic toys, horizontal copper-plating production line, intelligent home appliance single-crystal furnace cable drum; production lines, hoisting lifting equipment high-speed ball reaction kettle, pile engineering machinery, circular knitting machine glucose filling production equipment, dyeing equipment, solution filling equipment, mechanical arm, beer production equipment, rotating light-box, winding machine, amusement facilities, LED advertising lamp etc. These occasions are all used the electrical slip ring. The electrical slip rings market prospects as well as the market depth are very big.

First of all, what is intelligent toy? What role does Electrical slip ring play in the intelligent toys? Intelligent toy is a generic title, in many areas, intelligent is a general designation which refers to that having some automation capabilities or independently in accordance with a procedure to do some actions. And in the toy field, intelligent toy refers to the toys that can automatically complete actions designed well by the program or can record instructions or identify the instructions to finish a set of movements. Especially in Japan, this kind of toy is loved by children very much. Compared with traditional toys, intelligent toys functions for children intelligence development and inspiration are very clear and effective.

Along with the deeply development of intelligent toys, electrical sliprings technology will also become more and more advanced. Especially in the next few years the policys direction is development of new energy and new materials, the opportunity is historically unprecedented. Besides preparing for the hardware condition, each electrical slip ring manufacturer should also strengthen the training of soft power, introduction and training of electrical slip ring professionals are imperative, experienced designers and engineers are one of the main weights to decide the future competition.

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