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The merits and demerits between wind energy and solar power

Lets talk about the disadvantages of solar power, everyone knows that solar power is clean energy, new energy resource, and it means a new development direction, but many problems have emerged in terms of input, output and mass appreciations. Such as the environment pollution, in fact, solar power is pollution-free, but polycrystalline silicon is power-wasting and pollution material when absorb electric energy in production.

Most of manufactures disregard environment pollution when mass production, so make green energy is not friendly to environment. But Senring, the slip ring manufacturer think that solar power will be excluded in new energy resources applications.

wind energy source is clean energy and there is not any pollution during production process, so the experts of Senring predict that wind energy source will be widely used and promoted, from the high sales of wind turbine slip ring.

Senring is well-know domestic enterprise in the field of slip ring,Many high-end slip ring is produced from there due to strong technical strength as well as research and development ability.

The applications of wind turbine slip ring and the birth of new products will boost the upgrade of wind power equipment, if improve the wind power efficiency, the application process of wind energy resources will be enhanced.

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