SNQ06(six channels rotary joint+1~48 eclectric circuits)

  • Tube size 4-15mm optional

  • Transmit high pressure water,gas, hot oil,steam at the same time when 360°unrestricted rotation

  • Combined with electrical slip ring,with power,control signal,switch signal ,Ethernet,USB,Devicenet,Control Net,Canbus

  • Through hole or flange structure optional
SNQ06(six channels rotary joint+1~48 eclectric circuits)
SNQ06(six channels rotary joint+1~48 eclectric circuits)

Rotary joint-technical data
Circuits No 6channels Torque <5 N.m
Channels No. Cooling liquid,gas,hot oil,steam,water Pressure 0~2500PSI
Max speed 250RPM work Temp. -17° C to 108° C
Tube size 4mm~15mm Material Inner shaft: stainless steel, Housing: AL alloy
Electric slip ring-technical data
Rated Voltage 600 VDC/VAC Contact material Precious metal
Dielectric Strength 1000VDC@50Hz,10s Lead wire Spec UL Teflon
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ@600VDC Lead wire length 250mm at least
Work Temperature -40°C to 80°C IP grade IP51
Mechanical vibration MIL-STD-810E Humidity 10% to 90% RH
Material RoHS CE certificate YES

Part no. description

For example
  • SNQ06-0610-12S-G-P06 means 6circuits*10A each + 12circuits*signal + 6 channels air(negative or positive ),tube size 6mm
  • SNQ06-0810-16S-C-P25 means 8circuits*10A each + 16circuits*signal + 6 channels cooling liquid,tube size 25mm

How to customize:
If you have other special requirements,pls contact us.Such as legth,height or other dimensions limit,lead wire exits, lead wire length, special connectors,high temperature,large current,military level

order procedure of customized slip ring:

Technical support


Above one of SNQ06 drawings for reference, if you have other requirements, pls see"How to order" and confirm the right part no. then email;for related drawings and technical datas

  • Mounting flange
  • Direction of lead wire exits.
  • support 1~24 circuits
  • connectors and heat shrink tube
  • Lead wire length
  • Shield wire
  • 500 MHz transmitting speed
  • Transmit combined high speed data(Ethernet ,USB,Profibus)
  • Combined with signal wires,coaxial wire and power wire
  • Combined with thermocouple and signal
  • Customize for high temperature,shockproof environment
  • Combined with pneumatic,hydraulic
  • Military level
  • IP65,IP68 Optional


■ Because of low torque of capsule slip rings,the lead wire could be used to rotate or fix

■ Do not let slip ring to carry loads as well as lead wires
■ Protect lead wire to avoid any damages of insulation when intallation
■ As a precise component, slip ring should be operated in a dry, less dust environment. Pls take protect measurements if bad conditions

Typical applications
  • CCTV system, cameras
  • Electric test equipments
  • Medical equipments
  • Robots,test instruments,turntable
  • Automatic equipments
  • And so on...
  • Technical support for specail application,pls

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