SNK000 series pancake(PCB) slip ring

min.thickess 6mm

As another form of though hole slip rings,SNK000 pancake slip rings are designed for somewhere vertical space is limited while horizontal space is less restrictive. Special high vacuum sealing technology & precious metal brush ensure the high reliability transmitting and rotating performance of slip ring. With many advantages such as low torque ,low friction, low electrical noise and long life, pancake slip rings are mainly applied to transmit precise signal together with power, also could be combined with fluid media transmitting(such as hydraulic or pneumatic..)

By means of PCB form,min. thickness 6mm, super thick copper foil plated gold technology, max current 20A, easy installation using 12 different color lead wires

Standard Part No.Description:

SNK000 - 0610 - 12S

SNK000 series pancake(PCB) slip ring

For example:
SNK000-0610-12Smeans:pancake slip ring,6circuit,10A each+ 12circuits,2A each(signal)
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Model signal/2A 10A 20A total circuits Model signal/2A 10A 20A total circuits
SNK000-02S 2002 SNK000-0210 0202
SNK000-0210-02S 2204 SNK000-0410 04 0 4
SNK000-06S 6006 SNK000-0610 0606
SNK000-0620 0066 SNK000-0210-04S 4206
SNK000-12S 120012 SNK000-1210 012012
SNK000-1220 001212 SNK000-0610-06S 66012
SNK000-0620-06S 60612 SNK000-18S 180018
SNK000-1810 018018 SNK000-0610-12S 126018
SNK000-1210-06S 612018 SNK000-0810-10S 108018
SNK000-24S 240024 SNK000-2410 024024
SNK000-1210-12S 1212024 SNK000-0610-18S 618024
Technical Data
circuits No.2~24(Pls refer to above table)Currentsignal(2A),10A/ circuit
Voltage440 VDC/VAC Max speed 250RPM
Through hole sizecustomize as requestthickness6mm
Working life>30 millions revolutions(depends on working speed)Contact materialPrecious metal:gold-gold
Electrical Noise<20 mΩContact Resistance<20 mΩ(AWG16#,300mm)
Dielectric Strength500VDC@50HzLead wire SpecUL Teflon@
Insulation Resistance1000MΩ@600VDCLead wire length300mm
Work Temperature-40°C to 80°CIP grade IP00
Mechanical vibrationMIL-STD-810EWork Humidity10% to 85% RH
MaterialRoHS compliantCE certificateYES

1)Working life depends on working speed,temperature and humidity
2)Lead wire Spec.: 2A/signal -> AWG28, 5A -> AWG22, 10A -> Awg16, 15A -> Awg14,different color wires
3)Electrical noise depends on working speed,current and voltage


12 colors wires as a group,repeat from 13...24, each group wire marked with No. tube(1,2,3,4...)

Lead Wire Color Code
ring no.#Colorring no.#Colorring no.#Color
1black 5yellow 9grey
2brown 6green 10white
3red 7blue 11pink
4orange 8purple 12light blue

  • SNK008 is higher quality version of SNK000.
  • 1~36 circuits optional
  • Connectors and heat shrink tube
  • Lead wire length
  • Shield wire

Installation Guide of pancake slip ring

Customize based on this model

As one of domectic forthgoers in developing and manufacturing of slip rings,Senring has rich experiences in customizating slip rings for many industries, we have more than 10000 solutions and data sheets

How to customize?

Customized model no. description:

for example:
  • if to order SNK000,support 3circuits*15A+12circuits*signals,thickness 6.8mm, hole 20mm,model no. is SNK000-0315-12S-L068-ID020.
  • if to orderSNK000,support 12circuits*signals,thickness 12mm, hole 50.1mm,model no. is SNK000-12S-L120-ID501

How to customize:
If you have other special requirements,pls contact us.Such as legth,height or other dimensions limit,lead wire exits, lead wire length, special connectors,high temperature,large current,military level::

order procedure of customized slip ring:

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