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Analysis: The Structure and Principle of Slip Rings

When the slip ring is working, the electronics brush and the outer covering must to be coordinates very good, moreover the degree of hardness of the two materials` qualities must be quite high, otherwise, when the brush hardness is higher than the outer covering of the slip ring, that is when the hardness of the electronics brush material is high and outer covering of the slip ring material is too soft, often appear the same width in the slip ring and the electronics brush`s wear. Especially for the motor under high temperature operation, more likely to cause electronics brush or slip ring`s wear. When the slip ring at work, in particular, need to pay attention to whether there is a small spark, because it is often the time when the wear scars appears. If the event of a small spark appears, which is the wear near the small brush, and if not controlled, wear and tear will gradually increase, leading to the situation that slip ring does not work. We must guard against such accidents when the slip ring is working. For large dangerous equipment, such a symptom, if controlled, then, perhaps we can avoid a major production safety accidents. This is a analysis of theoretical basis based on the understanding of the anticipation of the advance guard gets from the basic structure and working principle.

electrical slip rings
Electrical slip ring products
Slip ring, as an industrial parts, many unprofessional persons are not very familiar with it, we often heard the slip ring, slip ring when we`re working. So what is the link, what is the slip ring? Before calls the link, the slip ring is reforms according to overseas English translator. The link is a slip ring, but the beforehand old slip ring is works with the carbon brush, now basically is electronics brush`s majority. This kind of spare parts` requirement to the material degree of hardness is very high, moreover the request goal material quality is better when the resistance is smaller. The resistance to wear is better, the slip ring`s life is longer. In reality, using steel materials more. Because the steeliness material is cheap, the modern processing industry to the steeliness material`s processing quite diversification, can process the very complex structure in a short time.

In order to prevent little wear or appear in the small spark, adopt proper way of stalled when running after period of time. If does not apply in the long turn, should to initiate the appropriate slip ring of steel. For brush motors and brushless motors are handled differently, brush motor processing is relatively simple, because its structure is relatively simple. The brushless motor, because of its complicated structure, there must be professionals for treatment. At present, the domestic manufacturer`s levels of are intermingled, qualities are high or low, for the customer, how to choose their own suppliers, first of all, to understand its basic structure and principle, then makes the detailed analysis to the various parts` material degree of hardness that the manufacturer`s used, try to choose manufacturers those have a brand, and the production experience and R&D capabilities are relatively strong! Only ensure the quality of raw materials and components of quality, can we talk about the quality of the industrial equipment.

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Analysis: The Structure and Principle of Slip Rings

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