SNHF03 series high frequency rotary joint

3 channel high frequency rotary joint

High Frequency slip ring is designed for transmitting high speed data and analog signal,The maximum transfer rate up to 40GHz. it can be support single-channel or multi-channels high frequency for transmission, also support the high frequency signal and the control signal under 24V , communication, power supply, fluid mixing transmission medium. High frequency signal is used by 50Ω impedance of RF coaxial structure. for others connector can be switching, and lead wire RG178、RG316、RG174 available.

Low insertion loss and voltage standing wave ratio

Application for vehicle,radar,Microwave antenna test bench

Intergated structure,easy installation
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SNHF03 series high frequency rotary joint

Technical specification
Work Temperature -40—+70℃ Current Max 1A
Frequency DC—18GHz Input/Ouput connector SMA-K/SMA-K
VSWR VSWR≤1.3 VSWR fluctuation <0.2
Insertion loss 0.3dB Insertion loss fluctuation 0.05dB
Work speed each minute 10 rounds(10RPM) Weight 500g