About SenRing

Senring Electronics Co., Limited found in 2009, is a worldwide designer, manufacturer of slip rings and rotary joints integrating research, testing, production and sales , owing a scaled factory more than 3000㎡ & 200 staffs as well as a experienced R&D center in Shenzhen. Innovative technology, high quality products and excellent solutions contribute to the leading level of Senring products in slip ring industry. With reliable products , strict quality control system, perfect pre-sale and after-sales service ,Senring obtains trusts from more and more customers all over the world, such as Huawei, Foxconn, Siemens......Depending on strong R&D ability and close cooperation with well-know enterprises & research institutes ,Senring could not only provide standard industrial slip rings, but also customize different slip rings according to customer’s different requirements.

Senring headquarters in Shenzhen
Senring headquarters in Shenzhen
R&D center

All of our R&D engineers have bachelor education background as well as rich experiences in machinery structural design and industrial control, all staffs in testing center and production line are above the education of technical school, qualified employees contribute to the reliable products.

  • Slip ring Design drawings
    slip ring design
  • Senring R&D Dept
    Senring R&D Dept
Assembling Line
  • Senring production lines
    Senring production lines
Senring Processing center

Senring owes series of processing machines more than 20sets : injection machine , CNC, lathe, miller.... Senring could not only provide standard industrial slip rings, but also customize different slip rings according to customer’s requirements :OD from 6.5mm to 4 meters, circuits from 1 to 600, current from milliamp to 800 Amp,voltage from millivolt to 10,000volt, rotating speed from 0 rpm to 12000rpm, and from electrical slip ring to fiber optic rotary joint.......

  • Injection line
    Injection line
  • CNC line
    CNC line
  • Miller Line
    Miller Line
  • Lathe linee
    Lathe linee
  • EDM line
    EDM line
  • Laser marking machine
    Laser marking machine
Senring slip rings and rotary joints Testing Lab

SenRing gives high priority to the quality, we bring a full sets of testing equipments for all slip rings, each product will be tested strictly before delivery.

Senring slip rings and rotary joints Testing Lab
Certificates and Patents

Senring attaches great importance to creativity, with many years experiences and researching , we obtain ISO9001、CE、ROHS certificates and a number of slip ring patents.

  • Patent : fiber optic rotary joint
    Patent : fiber optic rotary joint
  • Patent : subminiature slip ring
    Patent : subminiature slip ring
  • ISO9001 certificate
    ISO9001 certificate
  • CE certificate
    CE certificate
  • FCC certificate
    FCC certificate
  • ROHS certificate
    ROHS certificate
  • Alibaba certificated manufacturer
    Alibaba certificated manufacturer
  • Third party test report
    Third party test report
Global Partners

Only High quality products could earn customer's approval and trusts, Senring slip rings are exported to more than 150 countries all over the world, we establish good business relations with global companies such as Huawei, Siemens, Foxconn, Yaskawa .....

Our products
Center through bore size:besides of standard size, can be customized
Circuits:1~600 circuits ( optional)
OD: 6.5mm ~4 meters (can be customized )
Current: milliamp ~ 800 Amp
Voltage: milliamp ~10,000volt
Rotating speed: 0~12000rpm
Signal Type: besides of power, can be combined to transmit VGA,HDMI,high frequency,fiber, Ethernet, USB, Profibus.......
Media Type:can be combined to transmit air,gas, water, oil ....(one channel or more channels)
Senring slip ring could be customized according to above different Spec requirements, pls contact technical person for customization : 86-755-33259335 , senring.us@gmail.com

Senring History
2016.11: Moved to new factory, bring a lot of advanced equipments, R&D ability and production scale expanded greatly.
2016.11: participate in SPC IPC DRIVES in Nuremberg ,Germany
2016.07: subminiature slip ring patent,patent no.:ZL 2016 2 0695427.2
2016.07: participate in CIROS 2016 (The Fifth China International Robot Exhibition)
2016.07: A US famous company visited Senring for their new project
2015.11: Cooperate with Poland WZU
2015.09: Cooperate with CSIC (China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation )
2015.06: Cooperate with RIAMB ( Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry)
2015.04: Cooperate with Siemens
2015.03: Cooperate with BMSTU
2016.07: fiber optic rotary joint patent , patent no.: ZL 2016 2 0055159.8
2014.05: Cooperate with CAAA (China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics)
2014.04: ISO 9001:2008 certification
2014.03: Cooperate with CSGC (China South Industries Group Corporation)
2013.05: R&D center moved to Songgang
2013.04: Cooperate with CETC (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation)
2013.01: Cooperate with Fluke
2013.01: CE certificate
2012.06: Cooperate with Foxconn
2012.01: Cooperate with Yaskawa
2010.10: Senring founded