SNM006 0D6.5mm 12wire Miniture Slip Ring(drone slip rings)

OD 6.5mm, 2-12 circuits signals

Senring SNM006 series is a newly developed miniture slip ring with the smallest OD 6.5mm (1-12 circuits optional), it is applied to handheld ptz,mini drone slip ring and so on. advanced military level, gold-gold contacts ensures low contact resistance, stability and working life, patent number is ZL 2016 2 0695427.2, This series designed 90° V- groove ensures rotating smooth, low torque. SNM006-12 slip ring promoted more miniture high level technology products, such as handheld PTZ, precise instruments and mini drones for transmit signals when 360 rotating. More inquiry or solution,:Sales Tel No:86-755-29717812 or email: or

OD6.5mm mini dimension;
patented production, number:ZL 2016 2 0695427.2;
low torque,less than 0.06N.m;
2-12 circuits workable
standard model, stock available;
easy installation;
Senring have many models, applied for different field, SNM006 series is mini dimension slip ring, which applid to handheld PTZ, precise instruments and mini drones
Technical data
circuits 2~12 current 12 wires, each wires 1A
voltage 250 VDC/VAC Max speed 250RPM
OD 6.5mm length 12mm
housing material plastic torque <0.06N.m
insulation strength 1000MΩ@600VDC,10s contact material precious metal:gold-gold
electrical noise <10mΩ @6VDC,50mA,5RPM resistance data <150mΩ (AWG30#,250mm)
dielectric strength [email protected],10s lead wire spec. UL [email protected]
work humidity 10% ~ 85% RH lead wire length 250mm(cable length can be customized)
work tempreature -40℃ ~ 85°C protection grade IP51
mechanical vibration MIL-STD-810E material RoHS、CE certificate认证
Model description
for example, SNM006-12,“006”means OD 6.5mm, without flange, 12 wires 1A (Max 1A). low torque,
SNM006 series model description
for example:
SNM006-06 SNM means capsule slip ring,OD 6.5mm, length 12mm,“06”means 6 circuits 1A signal(Max1A);
SNM006-10 SNM means capsule slip ring, OD6.5mm, length17.6mm“10”mens 10 circuits 1A signal(Max1A);
*reminder:SNM006 series can be transmit signal current 1A or under 1A.
standard model list
model no. signal(Max1A)circuitsL--length(mm)
SNM006 series installation drawing for capsule slip ring
snm006-08 series OD 6.5MM, 8 wires 1A mimi slip ring
SNM series mini slip ring